Are You Facing DUI/DWI Charges?

Law enforcement officers in New Jersey are always on the lookout for potential drunk driving cases. The penalties for DWI (drunk driving) are stiff, often leading to heavy fines, possible jail time and the temporary loss of your driver’s license.

It’s crucial for Atlantic County drivers who are charged with a drunk driving offense to contact a DUI attorney who will aggressively defend their rights and take on the charges on their behalf. At my Northfield law firm, Law Office of Michael F. Myers, I’ll work with you when you are facing a serious criminal charge regarding drinking and driving.

Know Your Rights When You’ve Been Charged

A lot can happen when you are charged with DUI/DWI in South Jersey. It is easy to be taken off guard by a drunk driving arrest; in fact, law enforcement pretty much expects you to be confused, if not overwhelmed, by the ordeal. As a result, it’s crucial that you are treated fairly and within the bounds of the law throughout the process, including the traffic stop, any field sobriety tests, your arrest, and any blood or breath tests that might be taken.

You can rely on me, as your lawyer, to make sure that your rights are not being violated and that law enforcement officers do not deviate from accepted procedures regarding DUI/DWI cases. Any improper behavior on their part could lead to the charges being thrown out.

I also handle charges such as vehicular homicide that can accompany drunk driving charges. Visit my FAQ page for more answers.

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