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When the food you eat tricks a Breathalyzer test

While the results of Breathalyzer tests are not always completely reliable, it is often safe to say that the results typically somewhat reflect the blood alcohol content (BAC) level of the individual in question. However, what happens when the food you eat tricks the breath test into thinking you’ve had too much to drink?

Two recent DUI cases in Texas and Ohio detail exactly this. Some diets, including the popular keto diet, can translate into a false Breathalyzer result. Similarly, medical conditions like the rare auto-brewery syndrome can even turn carbohydrates into alcohol. While both scenarios are admittedly uncommon, what happens when you find yourself pulled over by New Jersey police yet possibly without even a drop of alcohol in your system?

Understanding the criteria for embezzlement

Embezzlement is when someone intentionally misuses or steals assets that he or she has been granted access to temporarily. Typically, embezzlement occurs when an employee steals money from his or her workplace, although it can occur in other fiduciary relationships as well. If you handle money at work or have been accused of embezzlement, it is important that you fully understand what embezzlement is.

Sometimes actions that would seem quite simple are actually embezzlement. This could include a cashier pocketing some money that a customer gave her while completing a purchase. Embezzlement can also be done through more complicated means, such as fraudulent billing or records falsification.

How accurate are blood, breath and urine tests?

When the police pull you over on suspicion of a DWI, the officer will likely ask you to perform a breath test, known as a breathalyzer. Law enforcement often use breath tests as a way to determine the level of intoxication of a driving individual, but there are other ways this can be determine.

Blood and urine tests can also indicate levels of intoxication, but breath tests are the most convenient, which is why use them during a DWI stop. If they end up arresting you for driving while intoxicated, you may be wondering how accurate these blood alcohol content (BAC) tests are.

Does New Jersey have the death penalty?

We know capital punishment, or the death penalty, as a form of punishment by the state where a person is killed for a crime. There are a select number of states that allow certain forms of capital punishment.

Below are the forms of capital punishment that the following states use to execute:

Refusing a breathalyzer test in New Jersey

Getting behind the wheel after having a few drinks is never a good idea. Nonetheless, it's not unusual for individuals to chance it and operate a vehicle with alcohol in their system. Even if you've only had a couple beverages and feel as though you're in full control of your faculties, you should understand that you're still susceptible to a DWI.

In the event that a police officer pulls you over, you may think that it's in your best interests to refuse a breathalyzer. If you believe that you're not impaired and that the breath analysis could issue a false positive, you can technically refuse to submit to one. Be advised, however, that such a decision comes with consequences.

When do New Jersey police need a search warrant?

The average person can easily give away information that they have a right to withhold from law enforcement. Remember, you don't always have to answer questions or allow police to enter your home. In fact, some police officers may try to lure you if you don't know your rights.

To avoid self-incrimination and protect your privacy, you can learn about three special situations that either do or do not require police to obtain a warrant before searching your property.

Is Your Child Using Illegal Drugs?

Changes in your child's behavior, health, and appearance can tip you off that something may be wrong. If you discover that your child is using illegal drugs, it's important to take swift action and break the cycle of addiction before your child experiences the severe health and legal consequences that often accompany drug use.

Here are some warning signs that your child may be using illegal drugs. While these signs by themselves don't prove that your child has a drug problem, they provide good reason to investigate further into his or her change in behavior or health.

Reasons why you need a lawyer for a DUI/DWI

Some people believe the myth that a DUI/DWI arrest is "no big deal." After all, New Jersey classifies them as traffic offenses instead of as crimes, so they can't be that bad, right? Simply put, this is quite wrong. Yes, New Jersey statutes separate DUI from such violent crimes as murder and assault, but this doesn't mean it isn't still a very serious offense.

A drunk driving conviction comes with a host of serious consequences, including jail time, large fines, social stigma and the costs associated with installation and maintenance of an ignition interlock device in some instances. Once convicted, you'll also have a lifelong offense on your driving record. It may not show up on a standard criminal background check, but it will definitely be visible if someone like a potential employer pulls your driving history.


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