Why are casinos associated with crime?

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2019 | Firm News

You have probably watched a movie or read a book associating casinos with crime. This is something that you may wonder about when visiting a casino in Atlantic City because casinos these days are thriving businesses that have no illegal undertone. Casino.org explains that this stereotype stems from the old days when casinos were often criminal enterprises.

Many of the thoughts about casinos and crime stem from the prohibition era. When the U.S. outlawed alcohol, it really caused a lot of underground crime to pop up. The mafia became very embroiled in moving alcohol during this time, and they were also running many casinos.

During prohibition, casinos were often used to run illegal speakeasys. They made it simple to launder the money, which means to make money earned through illegally selling alcohol seem legal by running it through the casino. This was a fairly common practice.

The mafia really is where these rumors about crime and casinos stem from. This criminal organization had a large hand in starting the casino industry, but once the government got wind of the many illegal activities they were perpetrating, it led to a crackdown and new laws that pushed mob bosses out of the casino industry.

Today, casinos are no longer tied in with the mafia. They do not operate illegally. The main issue these days is often about addiction, which is a personal issue and not a crime. So, while casinos may have a shady past, they are no longer hotbeds of crime. This information is for education and is not legal advice.