How can DUI convictions change your future?

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2019 | Firm News

New Jersey residents like you who are facing DUI-related charges must understand that DUI-related crimes are treated seriously and punished severely in the state. We at The Law Office of Michael F. Myers, LLC, are here to help explain how even one conviction can change your future.

DUI convictions can result in a plethora of penalties. For example, you may face huge fines and even jail time. You could have your license temporarily suspended. Your right to travel to other countries could be revoked, as Canada and several others do not allow people through the border if they have DUI convictions on their record.

What people don’t consider is the lasting reach of DUI convictions on your future. Having that conviction on your record could potentially cost you employment. Not only will you be unlikely to get hired for any driving-related job, but your current place of employment may choose to let you go, especially if you have to miss work to do time in jail.

There is also a chance that your ability to find housing could be damaged in the same way. Landlords will often run background checks on residents before accepting your application. If a DUI-related conviction shows up, they may turn your application down.

If you are currently facing DUI-related charges and believe there is a possibility you may be convicted, consider taking a look at our web page on DUI defense, linked here. You do not need to face your charges alone and unprepared. Having an experienced attorney at your side can make all of the difference.