Get help with curbing your drinking this holiday season

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2019 | Firm News

With the approach of the holiday season in New Jersey comes an increase in celebration and celebratory drinking. While seeing and catching up with friends and family is a true blessing, the same is not true of spending time behind bars due to a DUI. 

The Mayo Clinic has a few tips on keeping alcohol overindulgence to a minimum during the holidays. Staying on the right side of the law is the gift that gives back. 

Sip on water 

It is easy to forget to do something as simple (and vital) as drinking water. Making a point to sip on a glass of water between alcoholic beverages helps maintain sobriety…and potentially embarrassing drunken shenanigans in front of family members, friends, bosses and co-workers. 

Be wary of peer pressure 

Those who intentionally decide to go sober may find themselves assaulted by peer pressure from all sides, notes Harvard Health Publishing. Such individuals may want to stay away from gatherings where the pressure to drink is strong and relentless. Otherwise, devising several ways to politely decline alcohol is a good idea. 

Enjoy alcoholic drinks in moderation  

Relishing alcoholic drinks is a great way to avoid overindulgence. Taking slow, measured sips and enjoying not only the drink, but the company goes a long way in avoiding intoxication. 

Ask friends and family for support  

Anyone with a drinking problem (or who thinks they may have a drinking problem) should reach out to family members and friends to help them reduce or outright eliminate their drinking. While reaching out to others may be hard, it could also be essential to staying sober. 

Refraining from keeping alcohol in the house is also a wise idea. The use of barriers is a good way to keep bad habits and unintended consequences at bay.