Get to know New Jersey DUI laws

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Like most states, New Jersey is tough on driving under the influence. DUI significantly contributes to serious and fatal accidents, endangering the driver as well as others on the road.

Review the state laws about DUI to avoid finding yourself in police custody after a few too many drinks.

Standards for impairment

New Jersey considers a driver impaired if he or she has measured blood alcohol content of at least 0.08%. Driving under the influence of any habit-producing drug, narcotic or hallucinogen is also illegal.

Penalties for a first offense

A DUI conviction in New Jersey results in the following:

·        Up to 30 days in jail

·        A fine of $250 to $400

·        Three-month license suspension

·        $3,000 auto insurance surcharge paid over three years

·        Two consecutive days of driver intoxication education for at least six hours per day

Drivers who had a BAC of at least 0.10% or were under the influence of drugs at the time of the arrest receive these penalties plus extension of the license suspension to seven months to one year. Fines increase to $300 to $500. For a BAC of over 0.15%, the driver must install an ignition interlock device for up to one year after license reinstatement.

Additional consequences

Drivers convicted of DUI in New Jersey must also pay administrative fees, including:

·        $100 to the Drunk Driving Enforcement Fund

·        $100 to the Intoxicated Driving Program

·        $100 driver’s license restoration fee

·        $75 to the Safe and Secure Community Program Fund

·        $50 to the Violent Crimes Compensation Fund

A parent or guardian who receives a DUI with a minor child in the car must complete five days of community service and a six-month license suspension. Penalties also increase for refusal to submit to a breath test and having an open container in the vehicle.

Take steps to avoid DUI by arranging a designated driver. New Jersey drivers experience serious consequences in addition to the safety risks of drunk driving.