What drivers should know about NJ speeding penalties

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Whether you are a resident of South Jersey or a visitor from a neighboring state who appreciates the pristine beaches and world-class casinos, you should understand the state penalties for speeding. If you receive a speeding ticket in New Jersey, you may be subject to hefty fines and points on your license.

Traffic ticket attorneys often guide people through the process of challenging a speeding ticket in court to reduce or eliminate the consequences of this type of violation.


Drivers who receive a speeding ticket in NJ are responsible for several financial penalties associated with the incident. Speeding fines depend on the rate of speed over the posted limit as follows:

  • $85 for up to 9 mph over
  • $95 for 10 to 14 mph over
  • $105 for 15 to 19 mph over
  • $200 for 20 to 24 mph over
  • $220 for 25 to 29 mph over
  • $240 for 30 to 34 mph over
  • $260 for 35 to 39 mph over

These fines double when law enforcement pulls over drivers for going at least 10 mph over the speed limit when the speed limit is above 65 mph. Drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol receive DUI penalties in addition to speeding fines.


New Jersey assesses points on your driving record for various moving violations, including speeding. You will receive two points if you were driving less than 14 mph over the speed limit, four points for traveling 15 to 29 mph over the speed limit and five points for higher speeds.

Court costs and surcharges

If you decide to challenge your ticket in court, you must pay the $34 court fee. Drivers who receive six points related to speeding over three years or less will also receive a surcharge of $150 plus an additional $25 for every point over six points.