Administrative Law And Civil Litigation

Criminal defense is not only about what people might think of as a serious or major crime. Many Atlantic County cases don't end up in criminal court but rather municipal court. Issues such as traffic offenses, several kinds of misdemeanors, and many instances of juvenile crime such as underage gambling, drinking, or sexting are heard in a New Jersey municipal court.

At my Northfield firm, Law Office of Michael F. Myers, I handle many types of administrative law and civil litigation for my clients. People unfamiliar with criminal law may not realize how often cases end up being heard in municipal court. As a criminal defense lawyer, I am committed to helping my clients regardless of where their case is decided.

Forfeiture: A Parallel Track To Criminal Law

When you are involved in a drug case, prosecutors may seek to seize your assets. If you were arrested during a traffic stop, for example, items in your car such as cash, jewelry and even the car itself might be subject to seizure by the government. This means that you not only have to defend yourself in a criminal case, but you will have to fight the forfeiture of your property in a separate administrative proceeding.

Even if your criminal case is dropped, the forfeiture action might continue. I represent clients in both aspects of these cases, so you can rest assured that you won't have to hire a team of attorneys or let one aspect of your case slide in order to focus on another.

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